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Article ID: 134679, created on Feb 12, 2020, last review on Feb 12, 2020

Applies to

CloudBlue Commerce platform (formerly Odin Automation)

Use Case

When the installation of locales to the Billing, Operations, and APS modules is complete, the locales are not installed to the Kubernetes-based UI cluster.

Before Installation

Before you start the installation of locales to the UI cluster, make sure that the necessary locales are installed to the Operations, Billing, and APS-based components:

  1. Log in to the Provider Control Panel with administrative rights.
  2. In the Operations panel, go to System > Settings > Core > Locales.
  3. If any of the necessary locales are missing, install them:

    1. Enter the Management Node using SSH.
    2. Execute the oa-update script passing the necessary locales to the --add-locales parameter. For example:

      oa-update --add-locales de,es,fr


To install the locales to a Kubernetes-based cloud deployment of UI Cluster:

  1. Enter CloudBlue Commerce Management Node using SSH. Find the following values:

    • The UI service name (for example: branding-ui-test):

      1. Obtain a list of all services on the Management Node by executing the following command:

        kubectl get service
      2. Identify the UI service in the returned list of services.
    • The WildFly home path (for example: /usr/local/pem/wildfly-16.0.0.Final).
  2. Run the following script assigning the values that you found above to the corresponding parameters:

    export UI_CLUSTER_POD=$(kubectl get pods -l service=$UI_CLUSTER_SERVICE_NAME --no-headers  | head -1)
    kubectl exec $UI_CLUSTER_POD -- mkdir -p  /mnt/brands/pui_static/pem/resources
    IFS=', ' read -r -a array <<< "$locales"
    for locale in "${array[@]}"; do    ls -d $WILDFLY_HOME/ext/puiStatic/pem/resources/* | grep "$locale" | awk '{print "kubectl cp "  $1 " "  ENVIRON["UI_CLUSTER_POD"] ":/mnt/brands/pui_static/pem/resources"  }' | sh; done


    • <UI_SERVICE_NAME> is the UI service name you found above.
    • <WILDFLY_HOME_PATH> is the WildFly home path you found above.

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