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Article ID: 134671, created on Jan 25, 2020, last review on Jan 31, 2020

This hotfix also requires
OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134634 PUI v8
OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134650 Payment Management v2

Fixed issues

  • OA-10267 Registration and deregistration of a hardware node does not work
  • OA-9924 The 'corePower' resource was not added to subscriptions that were switched to a plan with this resource

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134649 PLATFORM v23

  • OA-9033 Platform API was extended to enable payment management for external systems

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134646 PLATFORM v22

  • OA-9854 Change of VPS CPU Power not synced with IM

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134623 PLATFORM v21

  • OA-9546 DB connection acquisition error causes the APS booster to deactivate permanently on the MN
  • OA-9375 DNS hosting switching can lead to the DNS zone file removal
  • OA-9618 Changing OACI resource limits in a subscription does not actually change the limits
  • OA-8812 After the upgrade to OA 8.2, JDK is upgraded but its previous version is not deleted

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134609 PLATFORM v20

  • OA-9090 The APS controller does not update operation info on type re-import
  • OA-9263 Legacy Plan and Subscription API does return prices rounded to currency precision

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134605 PLATFORM v19

  • OA-9210 A timeout error when attempting to upgrade Office 365 resources for subscriptions with a large number of users

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134588 PLATFORM v18

  • OA-9166 Improvements for ARDoc_AddCreditMemoWin
  • OA-9091 Non-informative order/task errors on Connect provisioning failures

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134576 PLATFORM v17

  • OA-8826 Secondary currency for AR documents notifications
  • OA-8439 Per-subscription default payment method

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134545 PLATFORM v16

  • OA-7892 A request for vendor rates fails with error
  • OA-8386 In PCM, plan editing tasks may fail with deadlocks
  • OA-8429 Missing "apsId" for counted reference resources in the "/sales-category/{id}/plans" response
  • OA-8557 "networkstatus" tasks for an APS application are rescheduled every 30 seconds
  • OA-8590 Impossible log in to the platform with the IDP enabled if a brand is deleted

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134538 PLATFORM v15

OA-7687 Delivers changes as follow:

- Provider can decide to display Billing Orders in UX1 for End-customers
- Unpaid Orders tile can be enabled in UX1 for Customers
- A “zero price” confirmation window is shown for a change order in UX1 for Customers

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134524 PLATFORM v14

  • OA-8177 OA tries to update usage of an APS resource type with zero limit during subscription auto-provisioning
  • OA-8159 An error during attempt to edit and save an account contact in UX1 for the “Personal” account type
  • OA-8200 Plans are marked to be processed by RE when the MARKETPLACE_CODE attribute value is empty

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134510 PLATFORM v13

  • OA-7894 Impossible to update 'limit' field of internal structure
  • OA-7893 BMResourceUpdate overrides MPN and Manufacturer values with NULL
  • OA-7610 Introduce CEP counters for Service Profiles

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134507 PLATFORM v12

  • OA-7923 An incorrect date can be used in cost calculations
  • OA-7924 Extra space characters appear in some subscription parameters

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134501 PLATFORM v11

  • OA-7857 Incorrect limit objects are returned for an application counted reference resource class
  • OA-7837 UX1 screen is loaded slowly when buying more O365 plans
  • OA-7734 Incorrect SalesID in the SalesOder table when using Rating Engine

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134485 PLATFORM v10

  • OA-7478 SKU is incorrectly processed by PCM backend
  • OA-7611 The "Unprovisioning 'Tenant' for APS application Office 365" task fails with error
  • OA-7502 Custom calls through "/aps/2/services" do not return performance information
  • OA-7684 The issue with license updating on a second MN in MN Cluster
  • OA-7345 An account information update through REST API makes unnecessary changes to contact information of the account users
  • OA-7760 Provisioning of an APS resource can fail with the error "The operation with name 'renewSubscription' is not found

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134475 PLATFORM v9

  • OA-7364 Failed to create service plan based on VPS/CS hosting
  • OA-7211 OACI SC don`t get event from SDK::UpdateServiceTemplateObserver
  • OA-7278 Unable to modify Reseller MPNID for O365
  • OA-7366 PUT from custom operation hang for 5 minutes and result in error
  • OA-7373 Error when changing IMCO instance parameter: No entity found for query
  • OA-7142 Long running periodic tasks cause delays in processing of system related async activities
  • OA-7356 Add MPN field for BMresource and ResourceRate to be synced by Confsync
  • OA-7365 Incorrect state of OACI resource after update
  • OA-7479 RQL Processor generate suboptimal SQL for L1 Reseller
  • OA-7367 Not updated limits for service instances after change subscription limits
  • OA-7555 PUT on /tenant performed with no changes in counters
  • OA-7556 Long running aps2 request can be abruptly terminated by parallel requests to other endpoints

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134471 PLATFORM v8

  • OA-7205 8.2HF cost calculation through BSS (CR40)

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134469 PLATFORM v7

  • OA-6596 Configurable precision of period duration rounding when prorating

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134465 PLATFORM v6

  • OA-7018 The get-for-plans API method returns an incorrect fee value after update to 8.2
  • OA-7091 Payments are not applied automatically to invoices after upgrade to 8.2
  • OA-7068 When “global” resources of an APS application are provisioned asynchronously, a single failed provisioning task blocks the other provisioning tasks.
  • OA-7103 Pa-agents may not be updated on some nodes during update through several major versions
  • OA-7126 APS applications can no longer ignore error responses from APS controller during provisioning

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134447 PLATFORM v5

  • OA-6870 APS instance status does not change to "Scheduled" during the instance upgrade
  • OA-6362 Inconsistent rounding causes different totals in Plan Tile, Summary and Confirmation pop-up screens
  • OA-6480 Orders placed by a user using UI or API, such as sales and change orders, are now processed with a higher priority.

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134442 PLATFORM v4

  • OA-6948 Responses with an empty structure received from Azure are not handled properly by Odin Automation
  • OA-7035 During reseller synchronization, service plans are excluded from sales categories

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134439 PLATFORM v3

  • OA-6717 A confusing error message is shown in UX1 for Resellers when the Order Management component is not installed
  • OA-6724 Reseller cannot change password for their own user
  • OA-6737 After the upgrade to version 8.2, delegated plans are displayed in UX1 incorrectly
  • OA-6785 Some resources in delegated plans created in Odin Automation 8.0 or earlier are displayed incorrectly to resellers in UX1
  • OA-6828 Endpoint invocation retry fails on SSLException
  • OA-6830 When impersonating a reseller, logging in is performed under a random user of that reseller

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134435 PLATFORM v2

  • OA-6784 Failure of one of the tasks that changes resource limits in a subscription blocks similar tasks performed on other subscriptions
  • OA-6795 Order processing unexpectedly stopped working

Included from OA 8.2.0 HOTFIX 134431 PLATFORM v1

  • OA-6305 The UX1 panel took a significant time to load for customers who had more than 500 subscriptions
  • OA-6530 Resolve issues with missing details in invoice properties
  • OA-6539 Subscriptions could not be terminated because of cancellation orders stalled in the Provisioning state
  • OA-6566 The usage of resources of the Application Counter type was not calculated correctly
  • OA-6576 It took too much time to synchronize any changes to reseller accounts
  • OA-6662 Orders fail with APS types are not found error
  • OA-6665 Type error on attempt to provision resource without priority set
  • OA-6695 New purchases with connect products may fails
  • OA-6709 Some users are not able to open "Cart" in UX1 Marketplace
  • OA-6735 A request to update an account profile is displayed under the 'Orders and Invoices' tab in UX1 to customers and resellers.


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use oa-update KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 8.2.0 via oa-update.

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