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Article ID: 132659, created on May 18, 2018, last review on May 18, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.3


During GDPR deployment the following issue is observed on the last step:

# python /tmp/

    2018-05-14 23:49:15.863 [ERROR] {
            "error": "APS::Util::NetworkException",
            "message": "Network error: Host not found: gdpr-backend.default.svc.cluster.local.  Application endpoint: gdpr-backend.default.svc.cluster.local.  Request: POST /rest/application."


A generic reason is that Kubernetes dedicated DNS server could not be reached from OSS Core over the network.

In particular, this happens, when GDPR virtual machine is created with IP/MAC filtering enabled.

Kubernetes networking suggests bringing up virtual networks inside the VM and network communications to IPs different from VM configuration should be allowed to make it operable.

More details can be found in the official Kubernetes pages: Kubernetes Cluster Network.


Resolution for a Virtuozzo virtual machine:

# prlctl set GDPR_VM --device-set net0 --macfilter no --ipfilter no --preventpromisc no

APS Controller may keep DNS servers list in its cache, so it's recommended to perform a restart additionally:

# service pa-agent stop && service pau restart && service pa-agent start

Re-run afterwards.

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