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Article ID: 119879, created on Jan 29, 2014, last review on Jul 14, 2018

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  • Operations Automation 7.2
  • Business Automation


  1. As a provider, how it is possible to find out who placed a certain order?
  2. As a provider, how it is possible to find out who placed a payment for an order?


There are records on the order Status History tab (the Order Log in Business Automation (BA) 5.4), but you cannot always rely on them - for example, since BA 5.5, the user "system" is shown for renewal orders if an order was placed by the Provider's staff member.

To find out which user placed an order, check an event log:

BA 5.5 and later: Home > Operations > Tasks

BA 5.4: Home > Configuration Director > Event Manager > Event Log

Search by Event Type 'Order Placed' (or 'Renewal Order Placed' for renewal orders) and Parameter 'OrderID' (an Order ID should be used, not Order Number), then check the User. For example:


This renewal order with id 89945 was placed by user with ID 1 (admin).

Similar method can be applied if provider wants to know who placed a payment for an order.

When checking event log, search by Event Type 'Payment Placed' and Parameter 'DocID' then check the user.

If you see a user with ID -1, this means the order was placed from the online store (sales orders), automatically by the system (automatically generated renewal orders for the subscriptions with autorenew set to "On") or by API request.

Feature request #PBA-53644 "Show user who placed the order" exists to add the field in order that shows who placed it. Also there is feature request #PFR-1646 "Track IP address of API call sent to BA" to write information in Billing Application log files about IP adress from where the API request was sent.

Please contact your Technical Account Manager to clarify the status of these #PBA-53644 and #PFR-1646 requests

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