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First of all you have to create nameservers from PCC:


a) "full" hiding - ie. belongs to a reseller and an IP address of is also assigned to a reseller. It  happens rarely but it is possible. This usually means that it's somewhere outside, cannot be 'combined' with your nameservers and you have to use the option 'SSH-Managed nameserver':

*a reseller creates a nameserver somewhere and gives you login credentials. * you create a ssh-managed nameserver in PCC. * nameserver will have _all_ zones registered in HSPc, not only reseller's ones - HSPcomplete can't do 'partial sync'.

b) 'almost full' hiding - IP is one of yours but reverse resolving for that IP gives You have to add this IP address to your existing _manageable_ nameserver then to create a _non-manageable_ nameserver. -> IP and IP -> resolving should be configured. What you finally will have is a DNS server with 2 IP addresses which listens on both.

*) you add an IP address to a physical server / VE which is registered as a manageable nameserver in PCC. *) you create a non-manageable nameserver - again because HSPcomplete can't do 'partial sync' and you don't need to sync DNS twice.

c) 'no hiding' - you don't give a dedicated IP for a reseller's nameserver; only the>IP_of_your_nsserver is configured but not vise versa. In this case again you need to create a non-manageable nameserver.

Please decide which way is preferred and create at least 2 nameservers. Allow their usage for resellers. After that a reseller should create (from RCC) a set from these nameservers. The procedure will also "lock" this set and its members to a reseller's account.

When it's done, a reseller should mark this newly created set as a default and specify it in domain's manager general setup, in all hosting plans and in DNS templates.

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