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  • Odin Automation
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


What is the difference between metered traffic and non-metered one?


With metered traffic a user can go over the limit assigned and at the end of the billing cycle an invoice is generated for any extra usage. In this case the extra usage will not affect the traffic limit.

In case of non-metered traffic any extra traffic must be purchased beforehand. Any overusage will affect the traffic limit.

For example: 2 Containers, included traffic for both is 10 GB, max. reachable limit -- 100GB, traffic is metered for on of Containers and non-metered for another, both have already used 10GB and they owners want them to go on.

For the Container with metered traffic an invoice will be issued for traffic amount over 10GB used. But after paying that invoice the Container will still have 10GB included and 100GB max.

Owner of the Container with non-metered traffic will have to purchase extra traffic first -- 2GB for example, and from that very moment the Container will have included -- 10GB, current value -- 12GB, max value -- 100GB, and renewal orders from now on will account for those extra 2GB of traffic. To cancel those extra 2GB the customer will have to go to the Upgrade Center and downgrade traffic value back to 10GB.

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