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To create dedicated server plans please follow the document The value you type into 'DS Bandwidth Free' field means the total bandwidth in GBs or mbps dedicated for user server for whole billing period. It is never average value. Let's say we specified 300GB. According with there are two types of DS server bandwidth billing: 1. average; 2. 95% percentile. First one means that the sum of all samples for a period is divided by the number of the samples, e.g. 300 GB / 30 days = 10 GB per day. So user can use no more than 10 GB per day for free. This value is only on user consideration and noone division formula is applied during the resulting billing. Billing by this scheme is calculated so: each day Hsphere calculates bandwidth and summarize it. If, for example, monthly sum is larger than 300 GB that customer will be billed recurrent per each GB over free. So it's simple, each daily bandwidth just summarized and compares with 'DS Bandwidth Free' field. The division 300/30 you use on your own to realize what's traffic can customer dedicated server made. Example: 1-10 days of month: 10GB per each day 11-20 days of month: 25GB per each day 21-30 days of month: 15GB per each day Total sum: 10*10+25*10+15*10=500GB. But free units (plan field 'DS Bandwidth Free') is 300Gb. So customer will be billed for 200GB over free 300 GB with monthly fee. Second scheme is very similar except the most larger amounts of traffic (5% of total) are dropped and substituted with previous largest. For example, after sorting (!) the monthly values of bandwidth we got the table with 30 values: 1. 95GB, 11. 40GB, 21. 40GB 2. 90GB, 12. 40GB, 22. 40GB 3. 60GB, 13. 40GB, 23. 15GB 4. 60GB, 14. 40GB, 24. 15GB 5. 55GB, 15. 40GB, 25. 15GB 6. 55GB, 16. 40GB, 26. 15GB 7. 55GB, 17. 40GB, 27. 10GB 8. 55GB, 18. 40GB, 28. 10GB 9. 50GB, 19. 40GB, 29. 10GB 10. 50GB, 20. 40GB, 30. 5GB 5% of 30 days is 2 days. So we will drop the largest 95GB and 90GB and substitute them with 60GB. Total sum: 60+60+60*2+55*4+50*2+40*12+15*4+10*3+5=1135GB. Customer will be billed per 1135-300=835GB of bandwidth over free 300GB.

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