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Understanding Account Suspension

Account suspension closes user access to their control panel, but on the contrary to removing account, preserves its content and configuration. Starting with version 2.08 visitors to suspended sites are redirected to the predefined Suspended account page in the /hsphere/shared/skel/suspended/ directory. If you edit this page, back it up as it is overwritten with system updates .

In version 2.4 and higher account suspension doesn't close billing period. As a result:
- recurrent fees are not refunded. In earlier versions account suspension interrupts billing period and recurrent fees for the unused resources are refunded.
- user files remain on disk. This may lead to average summary disk usage exceed its limit and user be charged usage fees for exsessive MB.

Owners of suspended accounts get e-mail notifications, and can view their invoices and billing profiles.
*In version 2.4 and higher owners of suspended accounts get e-mail notifications only at the e-mail specified in the "Billing info" in their user control panel.

The suspended account mail system is restricted by:
-d (sets no password changing flag)
-p (sets no pop access flag)
-w (sets no web mail access flag)
-i (sets no imap access flag)
-b (sets bounce mail flag)
-r (sets no external relay flag)


Suspending Accounts

To suspend any individual account:

  1. Find the account.
  2. Click the Suspend icon in the Controls column.

You can, also, configure your system to suspend debtors automatically in case of trial hosting and exceeding resource limit.


Understanding Account Resumption

Resuming suspended accounts "unlocks" the Control Panel and stops redirecting site visitors to Suspended account page.


Resuming Accounts

To resume suspended account:

  1. Find the suspended account.
  2. Click the Resume icon in the Controls column.

There are several billing cases caused by resuming account:

before the billing month ends after the billing month ends after the biling period ends
You will be charged according to your Billing Statement prior to suspension. You are charged overusage fees of the previous and monthly fees for the next billing month, for monthly resources (e.g. quota and traffic). A new billing period starts and the start billing period date is set to the current one. You are charged overusage fees (for quota and traffic) of the previous and recurrent fees for the next billing period.

Resuming expired trial account will automatically suspend it again within 24 hours. To activate this account, you should pay for hosting by creating a valid billing profile

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