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  • Applies to:
  • H-Sphere


1. Check spamassassin log file /var/log/spamd/current

2. If the errors looks like the following:
@4000000044956bc203338b3a Out of memory!
@4000000044956bc203448b7c Out of memory!
@4000000044956bc202248b3d Out of memory!

Increase default softlimit value 120000000 (120M) in /service/spamd/run:
Find the following line:
exec /hsphere/shared/bin/softlimit -m $memlimit $path_to_spamd $args_for_spamd 2>&1

and change $memlimit variable to the static constant. For example:
exec /hsphere/shared/bin/softlimit -m 240000000 $path_to_spamd $args_for_spamd 2>&1

3. Turn off custom Rules Du Jour marked with the exclamation sign.
In CP Admin Interface -> 3rd party Tools ->Spam Assassin manager -> Rules Du Jour

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