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  • H-Sphere


You must have at least one DNS zone in your system. Before you start adding a DNS zone, make sure to have added the DNS servers with Service IPs.

To add a DNS zone:

  1. Select DNS Manager in the E.Manager menu:

  2. Click the Add DNS Zone link:

  3. Enter zone name and zone administrator e-mail and choose whether to allow third level domain hosting in this zone:

    • Name: the name of the DNS zone you are going to create. If this domain name is not yet registered, don't forget to register it with a domain registration company.
    • Admin e-mail: the e-mail address of this DNS zone administrator.
    • Allow third level domain hosting: allow the creation of lower level domains in this DNS zone.
    • Master/slave server: available only for service DNS zones - allows you to choose and appoint a master and a slave server. The information is backed up every hour.
  4. After you submit the form, the new zone appears in the DNS Manager table:

  5. Click the EDIT icon to go to the DNS zone management page. Here you can add instant alias templates, Reseller CP alias and custom DNS records to your DNS zone:

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