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H-Sphere XML API, written in Java, is designed to manage H-Sphere services from remote applications via SOAP. It uses the Apache Axis implementation of SOAP and runs under the Apache Tomcat engine.

Remote applications interact with CP services by means of XML-formatted requests transferred via HTTP (direct TCP connection can also be set up). Error messages are also processed in XML.

XML schema is based on the SOAP RPC convention.

Mechanism of Interaction

XML API provides the following mechanism of communication between remote applications and the Control Panel:

  • A remote Java application calls CP methods to perform particular actions (for example, to create an account or to return the list of domains). For this, it invokes its SOAP client to form the corresponding XML request and to http it to the Control Panel;
  • the CP SOAP server receives this XML request, parses the request and calls a target H-Sphere service;
  • the target H-Sphere service performs actions according to the received request (for example, creates an account or returns the list of domains), and responds via the SOAP server to the remote application.
    If the request is incorrect, the SOAP server returns a SOAP fault.

Therefore, though HTTP is used for data transfer, H-Sphere XML API services are not called from a Web browser!

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