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"The error invoked during SOAP calling" To solve problem it is necessary to check: 1.Hsphere and installed Cold Fusion(CF) version on WinBox(H-Sphere 2.5 supports only 6.0, 6.1 and 7.0 Cold Fusion versions) 2.Check \HSphere.NET\bin\hsphere.config according our documentation If is missed or not properly configured resource name="cfdsn" , it is necessary to add it and configure port and password paarmeters. 3.Check if is virtual host Cold Fusion Service Site in IIS and if it have the same port that is set in hsphere.config. If all those features are persist it is necessary to check if is resource name="coldfusion" in hsphere.config. If Hpshere was not configured to use CF, and after configuring hsphere.config it is necessary to run Hsphere update(run the same version that is installed, run Hsinst2.5.x.exe), then will be created Cold Fusion Service Site in IIS, and added resource name="coldfusion" to hsphere.config.(Hsphere create Cold Fusion Service Site if is correspond CF version) Problem : Still when I attempt to create a CF DSN I receive the error message below. Error: Psoft.HSphere.Transport.Protocols.ProtocolException: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHeaderException: [coldfusion.xml.rpc.SkeletonClassLoader$UnresolvedCFCDataTypeException : Could not resolve CFC datatype: /CFAdmin.cfc][; nested exception is: coldfusion.xml.rpc.CFCInvocationException: [coldfusion.xml.rpc.SkeletonClassLoader $UnresolvedCFCDataTypeException :Could not resolve CFC datatype: /CFAdmin.cfc][ Solution: It is common ColdFusion problem. Please refer to for details. To fix the problem it is necessary to remove root ("/") mapping in the ColdFusion Administrator.

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