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MS SQL, like other commercial third party products, is purchased and installed separately from H-Sphere.

MS SQL Server is a fully Web-enabled database with the ability to query the database through a browser and rich Extensible Markup Language (XML) support. In addition, MS SQL Server holds benchmark records for scalability and reliability, both of which are crucial for the success of an enterprise database.

This document explains how to install MS SQL database software and integrate it with the H-Sphere system.

H-Sphere 2.5.0 and higher supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005

MS SQL server can be installed on H-Sphere Windows server. This means the server must have H-Sphere Windows software installed and be added to the H-Sphere configuration.

To add MS SQL 2005 to winbox with H-Sphere installed:

  1. Install ASP.NET 2.0 and check the version of ASP.NET.
    RootVer must be 2.0.XXXX, not 1.1.XXXX in the registry HKLM/Software/Microsoft/ASP.NET.
    If RootVer is 1.1.XXXX:
    • Go to C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.5xx\ through command line
    • Run from command line:
      aspnet_regiis -r
    • Restart IIS :
      iisreset /restart
  2. Install MS SQL server following the directions of the installation wizard. If you installed SQL 2005 Express, you should also install SQL Server Management Studio Express.
  3. In SQL Server Managment Studio Express create login with system administrator privileges for the MS SQL server. As a rule, login 'sa' is used.
  4. Configure H-Sphere connection settings to work with MS SQL server.
    To do this, set the following three values for MS SQL Server variables in the /
      -- prop name="server" value="NAME_OF_YOUR_SQL_SERVER" description="MSSQL server name or IP"
      -- prop name="salogin" value="MSSQL_LOGIN" description="Administrative login to MSSQL server"
      -- prop name="sapassword" value="PASSWORD_FOR_USER_SA" description="Password for administrative login to MSSQL server"
  5. Go to SQLServer Properties -> Security. Chose SQL Server Authentication and Windows Authentication to allow H-Sphere and your customers to access MS SQL server remotely.
  6. Make sure that MS SQL server IP set as a logical server IP in the E.Manager menu is set in Start -> Programs -> MSSQL 2005 Server -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Configuration Manager -> SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for MSSQLSERVER -> TCP/IP(enabled) -> Properties -> IP Addresses tab. Make sure this IP is there with Active and Enabled set to Yes.
  7. In your CP add MS SQL server group to the physical winboxes with MS SQL installed.
  8. Add logical MS SQL servers in CP and add IP addresses for it.
  9. On winboxes run the following commands:
      net stop hsphere
      net start hsphere
  10. Turn on MS SQL servers in the user's Plan Edit Wizard. After that, try creating MS SQL databases from user's CP.

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