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Article ID: 3210, created on Nov 30, 2007, last review on Sep 15, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • H-Sphere 3.6.2
  • H-Sphere 3.6.3
  • H-Sphere 3.5


This transaction cannot be accepted

error is shown while processing CC transaction through Authorize.NET.


To check error numbers please go at Admin CP -> Reports -> ChargeLog -> Details.

The most popular errors are:

3,1,103,This transaction cannot be accepted.

If Authorize.Net returns "3,1,103,This transaction cannot be accepted" it means that the transaction key or password is required for this transaction. The problem occurred because H-Sphere doesn't send the Authorize.Net account password in the transactions for the security reasons, but this Authorize.Net account requires the password in each transaction, since this requirement is set for this Authorize.Net account in its settings. The best way we can advise you to use the Sim protocol in the AuthorizeNet configuration, because it uses transaction key for this purpose. Transaction key is a unique gateway-generated alphanumeric string that is used by the gateway to authenticate the fingerprint and the transaction as originating from an authorized merchant. In order to use it you should log into your Authorize.Net account, generate this key and set it in the H-Sphere AuthorizeNet (sim protocol) configuration as it is described at:

3,1,97,This transaction cannot be accepted.

The response from AuthorizeNET is "Response 3,1,97,This transaction cannot be accepted". This means the time on CP server is not synchronized.

The will error out even if 1 minute of difference come up. Use the following KB article to resolve the issue.

3,1,99, This transaction cannot be accepted.

The response code from AuthorizeNET "3,1,99" means that you are using incorrect 'Transaction Key' in your Merchant Gateway settings.

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