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Lookup works by mailbox name, but it does not work by display name (or vise-versa).


There are two main GAL lookup modes:

MAPI-based lookup

This is the default lookup method. It works in following way: when you
try to perform a GAL lookup from a BlackBerry device, it looks in the Default Global
Address List for all matches (the same way that Outlook does). The search results include ALL
entries from the entire Exchange organization. This search works fast (average response
time is less than 1 second). Search results are shown using the display names of the
matching entities.

There is one setting in a BES server's registry that could be used for hiding
one hosted company from another. Run regedit.exe, navigate toHKLM\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Agentsand create the DWORD key "HostedServer" with a value of 0x1.

This setting enables additional filtering on GAL lookup results: it shows only
those AD entities that have the same value of the "Company" attribute as the mailbox
activated on the BlackBerry device. If a mailbox has an empty "Company" attribute,
it will never find anything (in other words: if a Blackberry mailbox has company
"ABC Inc" set in its contact info, then it will get only mailboxes/contacts/DLs
which also have company "ABC Inc" set in their contact info; if it has nothing
in its "Company" field, it will get nothing).

Since the "Company" field is not controlled by PSA, and customers could fill it with any
value, this configuration IS NOT recommended in a Hosted Environment.

LDAP-query-based lookup

This method is specially designed for a Hosted Environment. To enable it, openHKLM\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Agents
and create the following DWORD keys:- "HostedServer" with a value of 0x1
- "LDAPSearch" with a value of 0x1
- "LDAPALPSearch" with a value of 0x1
- "AllowAddressLookup" with a value of 0x1

and one string key:
- "LDAPCompanyField" with a value of "extensionAttribute10" (this attribute is controlled and prefilled by PSA)

When this setting is applied, BlackBerry GAL lookup will return only those
entities that are created in the same subscription as the BlackBerry mailbox. But there are certain
disadvantages to using this solution:
1. It works much slower than MAPI lookup.
2. Search can be performed by mailbox name ONLY (not by alias, display
name, email address, etc.).
3. Search returns only the following items:
- First name/Last name if the mailbox has these values set
- Mailbox name (not the display name) if there is no first/last name specified
NOTE: You must restart the "BlackBerry Controller" service after making registry changes.


Select one of the modes described above, edit the registry, and restart the BlackBerry Controller service and all BlackBerry nodes.

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