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Article ID: 2247, created on Oct 10, 2007, last review on May 26, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 5.4
  • Operations Automation 5.2
  • Operations Automation 5.0


Some items, such as a webspace, domain, user or mailbox, are shown as not being in-sync in the Parallels Operations Automation (POA) Control Panel (CP).


Most likely, a scheduled activity was not completed successfully.

POA schedules various tasks for virtually every operation (including provisioning, changing the configuration, updating statistics, and so on). If a task fails, related objects can become out-of-sync.


To fix these issues, find the corresponding failed task in the task manager, fix it, and re-run it. Please see KB #2246 for general information on dealing with POA tasks.

How to find the corresponding failed tasks:

For a webspace:

A webspace becomes out-of-sync when certain scheduled operations for its domain service have not yet been performed. To check if there are any such operations, you can use the following command (which should be executed on the POA Management Node):

psql -Uplesk -h`hostname` -c "SELECT ds_id, name, (ops_sheduled - ops_performed) as operations FROM domain_services WHERE hd_id = 123456"

(where "123456" is the webspace ID, available in the Customer Control Panel(CCP))

For example:

~# psql -Uplesk -h`hostname` -c "SELECT ds_id, name,(ops_sheduled - ops_performed) as operations FROM domain_services WHERE hd_id = 123456"

 ds_id  |           name            | operations
 188791 | |         10
(1 row)

This output shows that there are 10 pending operations (tasks) for domain service 188791. To find related tasks in POA, copy the <ds_id> and search in the background tasks, filtering by queue name domain_service <ds_id> (in our example: "domain_service188791").

A webspace may be also marked as not-in-sync if an exclusive IP could not be assigned to it and that IP was left in a "configuring" state in the POA database. In that case, it is neccessary to find out why POA could not assign an exclusive IP to the webspace, solve the problem, and update the POA database, setting "configured_ips.state" to "A" for the IP address in question.

For a DNS domain:

POA only has one task for handling DNS updates: the periodic task "Update name servers state," which runs every 10 minutes (by default) and does not need manual rescheduling. However, it is a good idea to check whether the task completed successfully the last time it ran. Possible out-of-sync issues can be caused by three things:

1) The domain has a "not ready" registrar status (article #2255).

2) Some DNS records keep failing to propagate to one or all DNS servers (article #2256).

3) The domain's webspace is not in-sync.

For a Qmail mailbox:

Qmail-related tasks are grouped by Qmail hosting ID and can be found in background tasks by the following queue name: qmail_hosting_<id>. This <id> can be retrieved from the following command (which you can execute on the POA Management Node):

psql -Uplesk -h`hostname` -c "SELECT hosting_id, local_part AS name,operations_count AS operations FROM cqmail_mailnames JOIN cqmail_emails USING(email_id) WHERE mailname_id = 12345"

(where "12345" is the mailbox ID from the CCP)

For example:

~# psql -Uplesk -h`hostname` -c "SELECT hosting_id,local_part AS name, operations_count AS operations FROM cqmail_mailnames JOIN cqmail_emails USING(email_id) WHERE mailname_id = 12345"
 hosting_id | name  | operations
      42213 | sales |          1
(1 row)

In the example above, there is one operation for "hosting_id 42213" pending: use qmail_hosting_42213 as a queue name filter in background tasks.

For an Exchange mailbox:

Usually, it is possible to look up an Exchange task by the mailbox name (for example, enter *sales* in the name field in Task Manager > Background Tasks, where sales is the mailbox name). You can select such tasks by their domain service. The ID can be retrieved using the following command (which should be executed on the POA Management Node):

psql -Uplesk -h`hostname` -c "SELECT ds_id, name, sync_status FROM exch_mailboxes WHERE mailbox_id = 12345"

(where "12345" is the mailbox ID available in the CCP)

For example:

~# psql -Uplesk -h`hostname` -c "SELECT ds_id, name,sync_status FROM exch_mailboxes WHERE mailbox_id = 5"
 ds_id | name | sync_status
     4 | test |           1
(1 row)

The sync status is positive, which means the mailbox is out-of-sync. Related tasks can be found using the following filter as the queue name: DomainService*4.

For a VPS:

A VPS can get stuck in creating/stopping/starting/etc. states. To find a corresponding task for the VPS, you need to get the VPS host ID on the following screen: Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > VPSs (refer to the ID column), and locate tasks with the queue name _vps*<ID>. For example, vps*123 for a VPS with the host ID "123."

NOTE: The VPS host ID is not the same as the ID of the VPS on the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC) server, but an internal POA ID for the VPS. To locate a task, the VPS host ID is required, not the ID of the VPS on the PVC server.

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