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  • Applies to:
  • Odin Automation
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


You may use /usr/sbin/ script inside OBAS Container for such purposes:

` - utility for update values in extended data fields of
domain that register using OpenSRS.

 domain - Domain name
 order - Registrar Order ID value
 username - Domain Administrator Username value
 password - Domain Administrator Password value
 authcode - Transfer Authorization Key value
 eulang - Language for .EU domains value
 Allowed values (in quotation marks) list:
 'cs' (Czech)
 'da' (Danish)
 'de' (German)
 'el' (Greek)
 'en' (English)
 'es' (Spanish)
 'et' (Estonian)
 'fi' (Finnish)
 'fr' (French)
 'hu' (Hungarian)
 'it' (Italian)
 'lt' (Lithuanian)
 'lv' (Latvian)
 'mt' (Maltese)
 'nl' (Dutch)
 'pl' (Poland)
 'pt' (Portuguese)
 'sk' (Slovak)
 'sl' (Slovenian)
 'sv' (Swedish)
 idnlang - Language for IDN domains value
 Allowed values list:
 afr, alb, ara, arg, arm, asm, ast, ave, awa, aze, ban,
 bal, bas, bak, baq, bel, ben, bho, bos, bul, bur, car,
 cat, che, chi, chv, cop, cos, scr, cze, dan, div, doi,
 dut, eng, est, fao, fij, fin, fre, fry, gla, geo, ger,
 gre, gon, guj, heb, hin, hun, ice, inc, ind, inh, gle,
 ita, jpn, jav, kas, kaz, khm, kir, kor, kur, lao, lav,
 lit, ltz, mac, mal, may, mlt, mao, mol, mon, nep, nor,
 ori, oss, pan, per, pol, por, pus, raj, rum, rus, smo,
 san, srd, scc, snd, sin, slo, slv, som, spa, swa, swe,
 syr, tgk, tam, tel, tha, tib, tur, ukr, urd, uzb, vie,
 wel, yid


 View domain extended data: -domain=''

 Change password of domain administrator: -domain='' -password='newpasswd'

 Set language for .EU domain: -domain='' -eulang='es'

 Set language for IDN domain: -domain='' -idnlang='rus'

 Clear authorization key: -domain='' -authcode='%CLEAR%'`

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