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There is existing working Good Mobile server, not added into POA. Provider wants to add it under the POA control to perform automated Good Mobile accounts provisioning and management.


Server configuration should be checked and corrected if necessary using instructions below.


–°heck requirements for GMS Server Node:

- Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2 or Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition SP2.
Good Messaging Server version 4.9.3 for Microsoft Exchange (Hosted Edition recommended).
- Microsoft Exchange 2003 System Management Tools.
- Server should be accessible from BackNet segment.
- Verify that you have configured the corporate firewall or proxy to permit the GMS to initiate and maintain an outbound connection to the Internet on TCP port 443 (secure https) to connect Good Operations Center.
- Verify that external domain names could be resolved from the server.
Good Management Server version 4.9.1.

Follow instructions provided in the 'Installing Good Management Console Software' and 'Adding MPFServiceAcct Account to GMS' chapters of the install-ug.pdf guide (here and below, the "guide" assumes this guide).

To check the proper work of GoodAdmin account, try to log on to the GoodAdmin mailbox via OWA or Outlook. If you able to log in, the account works properly.

Install POA Agent on GMS servers according to instructions for a non-cluster node installation.
The last step is described in the 'Installing POA Packages' chapter of the guide.

Mark the host as 'Ready to provide' and allow customers to purchase new accounts. It is also possible to import existing accounts (please refer to the 'Importing Existing GMS Accounts into POA' chapter of the guide).

Additional information

Read the 'Deploying Good Messaging Server for Microsoft Exchange' chapter of guide located in POA distrib (in the doc/Manuals/Provider/pem-install-ug.pdf folder).

Other versions of GMS were not tested and are not supported.

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