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Article ID: 2019, created on Jul 13, 2007, last review on Mar 10, 2016

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Automation
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 3.3


If you are using a database on a separate server, you must properly configure the MySQL server and PowerDNS server.

  • Grant privileges for the management node and host running the PowerDNS server:

    IP_ADDR_DNS - the address of HSPcomplete node where the PowerDNS server is running or IP address of the server where PowerDNS installed if the PowerDNS server runs separately from HSPcomplete.

    Run the following SQL commands to grant privileges on the database in the MySQL command shell:

    use aspc;
    grant select on dm_zone to pdns@IP_ADDR_DNS;
    grant select on dm_record to pdns@IP_ADDR_DNS;
    grant select on dm_zone_suspended to pdns@IP_ADDR_DNS;
    grant select on dm_record_suspended to pdns@IP_ADDR_DNS;
    grant all on pdns_data to pdns@IP_ADDR_DNS;
  • Configure the PowerDNS server. Perform the following changes in the /etc/powerdns/pdns.conf file:
    • Comment out the gmysql-socket parameter.
    • Set up the parameter gmysql-host=IP_DB_SRV, where IP_DB_SRV is the IP address of the MySQL server.
    • Restart the PowerDNS server: /etc/init.d/pdns restart

After that, review the logs of the PowerDNS server in the /var/log/messages file to make sure PowerDNS successfully connected to the database server.

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