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  • Applies to:
  • Odin Automation
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 3.3


In case the nameservers are not used by any domains the IP-address change procedure for VE-manageable nameserver is simple - it is enough to change IP-address for corresponding VE on Network tab at VE properties screen:
  • click on link to nameserver properties on Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Name Servers > nameserver name screen
  • click on link to VE properties shown in VE ID field on nameservers properties screen
  • click on Network tab on VE properties screen and change IP-address using [Change] button on IP-address properties screen or add new IP-address and release the old one.

Please note, that this way could be used only in case the nameservers are not already in use by any domain.

In case the nameservers are used already by some domain it will be required to update information on DNS registrar regarding nameserver changes for all domains registered with the nameserver. Such possibility is planned to be implemented in next HSPcomplete version.

Currently the most simple way to perform such IP-changes for VE-manageable nameserver is to create new nameserver VE with new IP-address on destination node instead of moving old nameserver - all required information will be fetched from master nameserver in just a few minutes.

As soon as new nameserver with new IP-address is created and installed it is enough to update all nameservers set to use new nameserver instead of old one with repeating the following steps for every nameservers set on nameserver properties screen Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Name Servers > nameserver name:
  • click on link to Nameservers set in 'Belongs to name servers sets' field
  • click [Edit] button on Nameservers set properties screen
  • select new nameserver and deselect old one
  • click on [Save] button

After that all new domains should use new nameservers from updated nameservers set during registration.

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