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Article ID: 1947, created on Jun 19, 2007, last review on May 5, 2014

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IIS subscription cannot be provisioned in POA with the following error message:
Message: There are no services satisfying the given attributes, attrlist='iis'. Error Code: 37


POA cannot provide IIS hosting with features enabled in a Service Template if packages corresponding to the required features are not installed on IIS hosts.


Check the Service Template the failed subscription is based on - check resources with non-zero limits configured for IIS features like PHP, ActivePerl, ASP .NET2, ISAPI Rewrite and so on.

All corresponding POA packages must be installed on IIS hosts.

It is recommended to install PHP, ActivePerl, ASP .NET2, .NET2, ASP .NET4, .NET4 packages on every POA-managed IIS hosting server.

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