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Article ID: 1917, created on Jun 12, 2007, last review on May 6, 2014


SiteBuilder v.3.x:


When your dependent users (resellers or site owners) click the Support button in their Administrator Panel, they are taken to SWsoft SiteBuilder Online Server Support form. If you want your users to contact your own support rather than SWsoft support, change the link of the Support button.

To change the link of the Support button for your dependent users

1. Open the config (SITEBUILDER_ROOT/config) file.

2. Add the support_link parameter to the [general] section.

For example:

; General settings



support_link = http://yoursupporturl

In SiteBuilder, clicking Help button opens the online verson of user documentation by SWsoft available at you would like to use the help files from another location, you can set up SiteBuilder correspondingly.

To change the link of the Help button

  1. Open the config (SITEBUILDER_ROOT/config) file.
  2. Configure the needed parameters in the [help] section:
    • user_help_url - link to the Wizard user's guide
    • admin_help_url - link to the administrator's guide
    • reseller_help_url - link to the reseller's guide
    • site_owner_help_url - link to the site owner's guide
SiteBuilder v.4.x:

To customize Help and Support button links using the Sitebuilder interface:

  1. On the navigation pane, click Server Server.
  2. Click Branding Branding.
  3. Go to the Help & Support Links tab.
  4. In the Help area, set your custom links to the online guides for different user roles.
  5. In the Support link field, enter your custom link:
    • To make the link point to an e-mail address, specify the e-mail link in format
    • To make the link point to a support page on your web site, specify the page URL (with the http:// prefix).
  6. Click OK.

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