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Article ID: 1912, created on Jun 9, 2007, last review on Apr 18, 2012


Synopsis: New Virtuozzo 3.0.0 tools update provides fixes related to
  backup functionality and Debian-based EZ templates
Issue date: 2007-05-31
Product: Virtuozzo 3.0.0
Keywords: vzbackup vzctl ez

1. Topic:

 Updated packages for Virtuozzo 3.0.0 providing user-level tools fixes
 for backup functionality, a number of minor fixes for existing vzctl issues,
 and an updated package environment for Debian-based EZ templates.

2. Problem description:

 - Restoring a VE fails if the VE_PRIVATE path was customized;

 - Backing up a VE fails if the vzfs tracker stops running;

 - VEs backed up on a Node with disabled disk quotas cannot be restored on
  Nodes having these quotas enabled;

 - When more than one VE are backed up simultaneously, the backup-related
  parameters from the configuration file of the first VE to be backed up
  are applied to all the successive VEs;

 - vzbackup does not handle an error from 'hostname -f';

 - vzrestore can't find archive, if there are symlinks in the path to the VE

 - It is possible to set UBC limits if the SLMMODE parameter in the VE
  configuration file is set to 'slm';

 - If it has been granted access to a number of devices via --devnodes or
  --devices, a VE can access only the first one of them;

 - It is impossible to install some recent Debian packages into a VE.

 All Virtuozzo 3.0.0 users are advised to update their tools packages.

3. Affected components description:

 - vzbackup is a tool for backing up and restoring Virtual Environments.

 - vzctl is the primary tool for Virtual Environment management. This
  tool is used to create new VEs, start and stop them, configure their
  parameters, etc.

4. Bug fixes:

 #60038 - restoring a VE fails if VE_PRIVATE is not $VEID

 #75631 - vzbackup should handle tracker errors correctly

 #61585 - vzrestore fails when restoring a backup made on a Node with
  disk quotas disabled

 #60752 - vzbackup does not refresh backup-related parameters before
  processing the next VE

 #59039 - vzbackup does not handle an error from 'hostname -f'

 #81898 - vzrestore doesn't derefence symlinks

 #68686 - it is possible to set UBC limits if the SLMMODE parameter in
  the VE configuration file is set to 'slm'

 #77658 - DEVICES sets up only the first device permsissions

 #78968 - deb2vzdeb is unable to parse Debian packages with version 2.0

5. Obtaining:

 This update can be downloaded via ftp from
 If you do not have an ftp account, please contact

 You can also download and install this tools update using the
 vzup2date utility included in the Virtuozzo 3.0.0 distribution.

6. Installation:

 First, use the "rpm -Fhv" command to install the new Virtuozzo tools

 # rpm -Fhv virtuozzo-release-3.0.0-144.swsoft.noarch.rpm \
 vzbackup-3.0.0-16.swsoft.i386.rpm \
 vzctl-3.0.1-36.swsoft.i386.rpm \

 The update does not require Virtuozzo restart or system reboot.

7. RPMs required:

The following RPM packages are included in the tools update:


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