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  • CloudBlue PaaS

Severity level indicates the relative impact of an issue on our customer’s systems or business processes. CloudBlue support uses the following severity level definitions to classify all support requests:

Severity 1 (Urgent):

An Error affecting 50% or more of Customer’s users in which any of the following occur: the Platform is down, inoperable, inaccessible or unavailable, the Platform otherwise materially ceases operations, end customers are unable to complete purchases, or end customer purchases cannot be fulfilled.

Severity 2 (High):

An Error with the Platform affecting 20% or more of Customer’s users in which any of the following occur: the Platform is severely limited or degraded, major functions are not performing properly, the situation is causing a significant impact to certain portions of Customer’s operations or productivity, or the Platform has been interrupted but recovered, and there is high risk of reoccurrence. A critical problem of the kind described for Severity 1 Errors affecting less than 50% of Customer’s users.

Severity 3 (Normal):

An Error with the Platform in which any of the following occur: the problem is an irritant, affects non-essential functions, has minimal impact to business operations, the problem is localized or has isolated impact, the problem is an operational nuisance, the problem results in documentation errors, or the problem is any other problem that is not a Severity 1 or a Severity 2, but is otherwise a failure of the Platform to conform to its Platform Description.

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