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Article ID: 1157, created on Oct 6, 2008, last review on May 10, 2014

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During HMC3.5 installation execution of the 'Configure Exchange Frontend Servers' procedure fails with the error message:

Exception: Microsoft.Provisioning.DeploymentTool.Engine.DeploymentExceptionDeploymentFailed
Message: Deployment interrupted because of a failure. See inner exception.

Exception: Microsoft.Provisioning.DeploymentTool.Engine.NamedProcedureException
Message: <errorContext description="Failed resolving source node in after node with @source='executeData', @sourcePath='//key[@name='Rpc' and @type='IIsWebVirtualDir']', @destination='server' and @destinationPath='(null)'" code="0xc2201418" executeSeqNo="37"><errorSource namespace="Deployment Automation" procedure="GetIISProperties_" /><errorSource namespace="Deployment Automation" procedure="ConfigureExchangeFrontEnds" /></errorContext>


The problem could appear on multiple Frontends installation, i.e. when you have SMTP Frontends separated from RPC Frontends and RPC over HTTP Network Service is not installed on SMTP Frontends.


Install RPC over HTTP service to all Exchange Frontends.

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