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  • Odin Automation
  • Odin Business Automation Standard


There could be 3 reasons:

  1. VE or node with SiteBuilder installed is turned off or not reacheable from HSPcomplete VE. Try to issue from HSPcomplete VE: # wget FULL_REMOTE_ADMIN_URL, where FULL_REMOTE_ADMIN_URL is "Remote Admin URL" that you've specified at "Top > Service Director > SiteBuilder Manager > Nodes > NODE_NAME > Edit". If you get response from SiteBuilder node then node is accessible and Remote Admin tool is installed. You can know more how to check "Remote Admin" tool installation here.
  2. Wrong login credentials are specified in SiteBuilder configuration at "Top > Service Director > SiteBuilder Manager > Nodes > NODE_NAME". Try to login with those credentials to SiteBuilder.
  3. Ensure that you completed post-installation SiteBuilder steps and you see 5-steps wizard by typing WIZARD_URL in the browser.
  4. Make sure that HSPcomplete is allowed to connect to SiteBuilder. F.e. in SiteBuilder for Windows you need to configure Internet Information Services (IIS) Web Site Security settings in order to access SiteBuilder web services from HSPcomplete server. By default web services are allowed only from localhost.

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