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  • Applies to:
  • Odin Automation
  • Odin Business Automation Standard


First of all please set up credential information for your account at "Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Setup > Ascio".

  1. If you encountered problem that no 'Edit' button and message "Ascio registration system requires Administrative and Technical contacts to have fax number filled in. To start accepting domain registrations with Ascio you should set fax number for these contacts." appears on the configuration page for plug-in then you need to set up faxes for Administrative & Technical contacts of HSPcomplete account that you are using. It will solve this problem.
  2. You need to set up "Remote port" to one that uses SSL connection.
  3. You can check your credential information for plug-in through command line interface, like it is shown in the following example:

[root@support root]# openssl s_client -host -port 8888 -quiet
220 Speednic Directory Server 1.3.5.tx - Mon, 20 Feb 2006 10:42:03 GMT - Service ready
200 OK
CHECK Objectclassname:domain
202 Object not available
CHECK Objectclassname:domain
201 Object available
221 Service closing transmission channel
[root@support root]#

where you must replace LOGIN & PASSWORD with your real ones.

Please contact Ascio support team to get more information about Ascio API.

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