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When drweb service starts, it shows the followng warning to console or to /var/log/messages:

Jan 15 11:01:16 web4 drwebd: Key file not found!
Jan 15 11:01:16 web4 drwebd: Daemon is enabled for protecting 15 e-mail`s:


By default Drweb daemon comes with Plesk without license and works for 15 mail first accounts only. An Unlimited Drweb license should be purchase separately and installed at Server > License manager > Additional Licenses. If you have DrWeb key installed and still get this messages, please, check if the following file exists on your server:

# ls -l $PRODUCT_ROOT_D/bin/app-key-handler.antivir-drweb-4
-rwxrwxr-x 1 psaadm psaadm $PRODUCT_ROOT_D/bin/app-key-handler.antivir-drweb-4

If not, place the attached handler and chown/chmod it as above.
After that, you should either re-upload the license from the control panel or install it directly from the shell using this handler:

# /usr/local/psa/bin/app-key-handler.antivir-drweb-4 --help
--install --key <key file> install new drweb key
--remove --key <key file> delete the drweb key
--activate --key <key file> activate the drweb key

Also, you can use the standard way for installing Drweb key:

# sh PLSK.<SerialNumber>.sh


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